Pulling out the trench.

The past few days in Fort Worth, TX has been a little somber thanks to the rain and cold-front. To say the least, I’ve felt like an extra on the set of a low budget indie film aimed towards angsty teens and horror fanatics. Surprisingly, there has been a up side to this weather! I finally got to pull out my favorite trench from the back of my closet ( A reversible blue Brooks Brothers knee length coat complete with 1 inch black buttons and a touch of class) and got to strut around TCU’s wet campus as if I was searching for my next mystery when in reality I was searching for an extra hour to take a nap.

As I navigated through the sea of shivering faces rushing to class or cover from the rain I took a minute to actually pay attention to the freezing H2o falling from the sky. Being informed of tough relationships, arguments, and trials from many of my friends this week I wondered: What if people looked at tough situations and issues like they do raindrops and just let them roll off?

Now I’m not saying every tough relationship or friendship isn’t worth fighting for, but eventually, like raindrops, problems will join, grow, roll to the bottom of your favorite trench, and then just fall off. Take a breather. I promise you won’t drown. In my opinion, the true friends and people who are really meant to be in your life are similar to the microscopic raindrops near the collar of your jacket–they hang on to you and they don’t add more stress to the issues ( or grow and roll to the bottom just to fall off).

Look at it this way, when you get back to your apartment dripping in rain do you want it all to fall off and make a puddle on your hand woven rug from Bali? Causing damage to your decor, and probably more stress if you have to dry-clean it (sheesh)! Those tiny raindrops (true friends and strong relationships) wont make a puddle, they’ll just sit and dry on your trench hanging on the coat rack.

Remember, no issue is worth unnecessary stress ( and surely not water damage!). Its about what and who stays when you dry off.

Yours, just a little wet

-Taylor B.



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