Kooky about Katranzou

This past Saturday on March 3rd, I had the great pleasure of visiting the ‘Mary Katranzou:Queen of Prints’ exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Dallas, TX. Katranzou is known for her whimsical and innovative printing techniques that would make any patron stare in childlike awe. Thanks to her sense of kenophobia (fear of empty spaces and voids) we have been blessed with collections that would illuminate any room with a spectrum of color.

The exhibit consisted of over 100 garments across 9 collections. Each piece was beautifully constructed and covered in patterns and/or embellishments that help each garment stand out in their own enchanting way.  The garments were arranged not by collection or season but by color which helped intensify the patrons color gamut while examining the looks.

This exhibit was a much needed piece of guidance for emerging young and new designers to always look for new ways that fabrics and textures can be reimagined. A piece that prompted me to re-evaluate my creative capacity was a black leather dress with heat pressed motifs of bridges to give the garment a raised texture. I myself asking “How many other techniques have I not discovered?” and I think it’s time we as aspiring designers start to ask ourselves “How many new techniques can I create?”

Mary Katranzou is a designer that should not only looked at as the “Queen of Prints”, but as a pioneer of true innovation.  Be sure to go see her exhibit at the Dallas Contemporary until March 18th and stun yourself in amazement. Who knows maybe it’ll inspire you to be the next pioneer. Go print crazy and check out some of the photos from the show below!

Yours ever so amazed,

-Taylor B.



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