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Launched in the later half of 2017, BOYD aims to connect a community of constantly creative and colorful individuals who’d rather stand out and scream than fit in and sit in silence. BOYD is a platform that constantly celebrates spontaneity, diversity, and innovation. While exploring the site you may find an article on the newest trend to try, the best places to visit, or even advice on navigating the modern world whether it be on the topic of love, friendship, or how to casually rock a pair of Gucci Princetown leather slippers–fur lined of course.

I love to keep close company with those who like to constantly question the norms our world, and those who like to help change them.  If you often ask your self questions about society, or find yourself pondering on what to wear and DO on a Friday night instead of watching your 65th consecutive BuzzFeed video of the day–well then this site is perfect for you! While online at BOYD you’ll explore something new everyday, and maybe even something new about yourself.

I started this blog as a emerging 20-year-old. While studying fashion merchandising and education (I know, weird combination) at, in my opinion, the best lil’ texan university in the world–I asked myself: “Who says your voice doesn’t deserve to be heard?”. The answer I ultimately came up with? “Abso-freaking-loutley no one!” Right then, I decided to start writing about my experiences and chose to share my college-aged and well-dressed opinions and advice with everyone who happens to stumble upon my blog!

So, join this journey with me. Along the way I not only expect to reach and communicate with you all, but I also expect to show you how to be effortlessly original, carefree, and unapologetic. It all starts with just one click! Subscribe to the email list or follow me on Twitter & Instagram to follow me along every step of the way!

Chat with ya soon!

-Taylor B.