Why ‘Body Positivity’ for Men NEEDS to be a thing!

Among the media, we more than often see women in "Body Posi" campaigns as the fore-front for the movement of self love and self worth. But in this age, we're approaching something thats growing into a detrimental epidemic for the male species. Men are often force fed the idea to be big and strong or … Continue reading Why ‘Body Positivity’ for Men NEEDS to be a thing!

Kooky about Katranzou

This past Saturday on March 3rd, I had the great pleasure of visiting the 'Mary Katranzou:Queen of Prints' exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Dallas, TX. Katranzou is known for her whimsical and innovative printing techniques that would make any patron stare in childlike awe. Thanks to her sense of kenophobia (fear of … Continue reading Kooky about Katranzou